A dark road. Not marked, not lit, not on the map. One-way -- and it's impossible to tell which way is the right one. The car has a broken gas gauge, and it's barely raining but every time those shitty wipers make a pass across the windshield they only serve to make everything even more... Continue Reading →


When I stare at a Rorschach test, the first thing I notice about the image the lack of substance in the white. It's bright, but it's as unremarkable as it is unavoidable. What brings my thoughts to life is what I envision taking shape in the black.  All the work, all the contrast, everything that's interesting is... Continue Reading →


I am a fiberglass body in need of solid struts. I'm held together with Bondo, and a hundred-dollar paint job from Earl Sheib. I cruise around all year long in my winter rims,  and I keep telling myself I can get ten more miles out of my donut-spare if I just blow-off going out to... Continue Reading →

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