Coronavirus Diet – Chapter 8 (All Laura Ingalls ‘n’shit)

It's like living in a time machine. Little girls are supposed to take typing,and become secretaries, and snag a husband, and have kids, and be a housewife. And housewives are supposed to wake up before everyone else in order to make breakfast. But no one respects that. And housewives are supposed to keep the home... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus Diet Chapter 5 (I guess I lost my job?)

I already have an inferiority complex about my superiority complex. I don't need to be thinking I wished the world would stop - and then it stops! My id cannot handle that kind of coincidence. 

Although to be fair, I'm not really being true to myself if I'm not offending someone.

Gross Polluters

I can stay in my lane all I want, but people are still throwing lit cigarette butts out their windows as they pass... they're still driving under the influence, they're still cutting me off, they're still failing to use signals, and riding their brakes. They're still  right on my ass, leaking oil, and openly carrying. They've... Continue Reading →


Sometimes suicide is like a plane crash; sometimes it's like being black-out drunk. Sometimes humans do things they don't mean to do, but there's just no way to ever take it back. Because sometimes suicide is like a murder where the killer & the victim look like the same person, but they're not.

It is time to start demanding to know what medications mass-murderers and suicide victims were on at the time of their death and/or shooting spree.

It's time to find out how big a role prescription drugs play in these mental breaks.

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