Gross Polluters

I can stay in my lane all I want, but people
are still throwing lit cigarette butts out their
windows as they pass… they’re still driving under
the influence, they’re still cutting me off,
they’re still failing to use signals, and
riding their brakes. They’re still 
right on my ass, leaking oil, and openly
carrying. They’ve still got
suspended licenses and expired tags,
medication in their systems, and a
holier than thou attitude. They’re distracted,
reactive, conflicted, and vindictive.
And they’re still driving angry, despite
And none of them
are paying
I could be just cruising along in my own damned lane,
doing everything as correctly as possible, and some
dipshit on a cell phone will still cross the center line
and steal the life right out of me in a matter of mere seconds.
So, this is why I’ve altered my commute. Why I rarely
go out, why I run errands when most people are still
asleep why I avoid traffic, and holiday travel; and
prefer back roads, and shortcuts,
and stormy weather that forces people to
just stay off the roads…
so I can avoid the gross polluters
and their noxious fumes…
which I just find so
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